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Buying a House: Pleasant Surprises and Details

I don’t know if there are actual statistics on this one, but I can tell you from experience that water... Read More

Warren Oberholser

Buying and selling homes is alive and well during the pandemic

As a real estate consumer, you need to know that the housing market is currently one of the bright spots... Read More

Warren Oberholser

Homebuyer: Can I Back Out if I Change My Mind?

What if you make an offer on a home for sale, the seller accepts it and then you change your... Read More

Warren Oberholser

Spiff up your home’s landscaping for an Autumn sale

How does an extra 5 to 11% of your home’s selling price sound? Michigan State University researchers found that “…... Read More

Warren Oberholser

Easy tips to secure your home in one weekend

When moving into a new home, securing it is typically on the “to-do” list. After you’ve lived in a home... Read More

Warren Oberholser

Tips to consider when it’s time to purchase homeowners insurance

If you won’t be paying cash for your home the lender will require that you purchase a homeowners insurance policy.... Read More

Warren Oberholser


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