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Lake Tahoe Real Estate- When to and When Not to Buy

This is my annual LAKE TAHOE winter report

In this video I will discus areas to purchase, types of properties to buy and is purchasing in Lake Tahoe right for you. Important planning steps I recommend you follow to determine where in Lake Tahoe you may want to own.

For my annual Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Report. Please watch my: Kirkwood & Heavenly Ski Resort video.


What to do in Lake Tahoe

This covers both summer and winter seasons

#1 ACTIVITIES: Are you interested in both summer and winter activities? If so, you’ll want to choose an area that best fits all your needs.

#2 Accessibility: If you are interested in winter sports, find out if the roads going to the property you want to purchase has regular snow removal service. You don’t want to purchase a cabin in a remote area and then find out that it is not accessible during the winter months.

#3 Maintenance: Let’s assume this purchase is going to be a vacation property, a second home, not your primary residence. This means you will need to find someone to handle the usual maintenance and seasonal duties needed to keep the home in good order.

#4 Types of property: It can be a condo, townhouse, a single detached home or possibly a property inside a private community that offers certain types of amenities.

  • Condos/Townhomes: Some advantages to these types of properties is the HOA usually handles all the common area maintenance including the exterior to the property and the grounds.
  • Single family residence. If a condo or townhome isn’t for you, you may want to consider a detached single-family home with a yard. It offers privacy, but comes with all the maintenance as discussed earlier.
  • Private community. They all vary in arrangements, from common area maintenance to security. They will have HOA fees and CC&R, which are rules you will have to follow.

We just completed our 4-step plan to help you determine the location and type of property you want to own in Lake Tahoe.

Now what we need to find out is:

 ‘Is owning in Lake Tahoe right for you?’ The purpose of my video, as with all my videos is to hopefully impart as much helpful information as I can so you can decide what is best for you. If your schedule only allows you to get up there a few times a year, you may want to consider just renting. Okay, so let’s say you are planning to use it a lot and purchasing seems to be the right way to go.

The next question is: ‘When is the best time to purchase?’ Buyers’ Market: Recession economy:

The last point I would like to discuss is using my real estate services for purchasing up in the Lake Tahoe area. I first need to point out I only have a real estate license in California. Therefore, I cannot represent a client on the Nevada side. I do have relationships with agents who work the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe I can refer you to. Regarding transactions on the California side of Lake Tahoe: I do represent buyers in those areas. I am based out of the Bay Area; however, I do travel up to Lake Tahoe regularly both winter and summer. If my clients have located a property they are interested in, it is very easy for me to reach out to the listing agent to get all the details on the property they are interested in and submit a contract.

The last area I would like to discuss is my real estate referral network for the California Lake Tahoe area. If a client is in the beginning stage of viewing properties and deciding where the best area to own in Lake Tahoe is, I have local agents I can refer them to. This way they can take their time making sure they have found the best property that fits all their needs. This also goes for anyone who wants to sell their property in Lake Tahoe. I recommend they work with a local agent that knows the area and has experience of selling in their property location. I can provide local referrals.

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